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Pagefusion Core
Services & Pricing

Pagefusion, Inc. provides the following services. Prices associated with the services below are subject to change and are negotiated on a per-project basis. Please send us a message using our contact form if you have any questions. We will respond promptly!

Pagefusion Platform Setup:
  • Installation and setup of Pagefusion on your server (done remotely): $85.00 flat fee.
  • Installation and setup of Pagefusion on your ISP/IPP Account (done remotely): $75.00 flat fee.
  • Pagefusion platform training: 2 Hours; $150.00
  • Pagefusion Update Network Licensing (see table below)

    Beyond the initial open-source GPL Pagefusion platform installation, the following commercial packages may be purchased, licensed, and downloaded through the Pagefusion Update Network.

     Package Name   License Cost   License Period 
    Site Builder Module* $4,500.00 1 Year
    Bulk Mail Module $995.00 2 Years
    Shopping Cart Module $895.00 1 Year
    Chat Module $175.95 1 Year
    Coupon Print Module $195.95 1 Year
    Database Module $545.95 1 Year
    Forum Module $255.95 1 Year
    Group Settings Module $99.95 1 Year
    Invoice Manager Module $295.99 1 Year
    Mailbox Manager Module* $1,275.95 2 Years
    Project Reports Module $174.95 1 Year
    Slideshow Module $45.95 1 Year
    Survey Module $349.95 1 Year
    Navigation Tabs Module $39.95 1 Year
    User File Upload Module $275.95 1 Year
    POP3 Webmail Module $325.99 1 Year
    Webthumb Generator Module* $274.95 1 Year
    Global License Premium (all packages) $14,995.95 5 Years
    Global License Advanced (all packages) $10,995.95 3 Years
    Global License Standard (all packages) $6,995.95 1 Year
    * Requires the installation of Pagefusion on your own Unix/Linux server.
Web Hosting Services:
  • Managed, Shared Pagefusion Platform (1 Portal):
    $50 setup fee (domain name, DNS, server configuration)
    $35/mo. hosting fee
    20 hrs./yr. maintenance contract (1.7 hrs./mo. average)
    Additional services (see below) provided, if necessary.

  • Managed, Dedicated Pagefusion Platform and Server:
    $200 setup fee (domain name, DNS, dedicated server configuration)
    $300/mo. hosting fee
    1500 GB/mo. bandwidth
    100 GB storage
    20 hrs./yr. maintenance contract (1.7 hrs./mo. average)
    Additional services (see below) provided, if necessary.

E-mail Hosting Services:

We no longer provide dedicated email hosting services. However, we can help you setup your mail services with your ISP or domain registrar (1&1 Internet, GoDaddy, BlueHost, PowWeb, etc.)

Additional Services:
  • Domain Name Registration, Setup and Maintenance: $30.00/yr.
  • Registration and Setup of SSL Certificate: $149.99/yr.
  • Custom Design and Development: $75/hr.
    Audio/Video Production for Publishing Online (podcasts/conferencing)
    Graphic Design and Branding Services
    Flash Animations/Applications
    Custom Web Applications
    Integrated Bulk Email Campaigning
    Integrated Online Stores/Point-of-Sale Systems
    Content Management and Training
    Digital Signage/LCD Advertising
With regards to refunds or having your services canceled, please refer to our Refund and Cancellation policy.

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