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My name is Chris Davis, and I am the lead developer for the Pagefusion platform.

Over the past 15 years, I've developed web sites and projects that involve both front-end and back-end design and integration. My specialty is HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL and PHP along with a solid background in user experience and prototyping.
My experience with contract work which has given me a HUGE amount of experience dealing with several different businesses all with different needs. To get several web development jobs done fast, I developed my own content management system, but my experience stems from using many content management and online commerce systems like WordPress, EpiServer, OSCommerce, Paypal, Magento, Volusion and CS Cart.

If you need help/advice with your project, you may hire me as a contracted developer. Usually, I develop projects on my proprietary CMS (Pagefusion), but I can develop your project from scratch on pretty much any system. The following is a list of the services I provide:

  1. Website/Landing Page Development

  2. Domain Name Registration/Domain Name Services (DNS)

  3. Email Services (standards-compliant email composition, outbound mailing, tracking)

  4. Integration of third-party javascript APIs or PHP/MySQL web applications.

  5. SEO consultation. Google Analytics.

  • What I charge per hour is negotiable.
  • I provide a proposal and estimate, timeline, contract, invoice(s), online reporting, and other necessary documentation.

PDF Document Download my resume.

Thanks again for visiting!

- Chris Davis
Lead Developer
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